Torbay Adoption Service


Change a child's life

Peter - Single male adopter

Sometimes it has been a very stressful ride but the adoption team has always been on hand when I have been worried and feeling down.

Maria - Single female adopter

Communication with adoption team - excellent. Really useful to chat informally at information morning and on initial home visit. Lots of useful information at Prep group.

Everything has happened according to the timescales I was given initially, efficient, thought Prep group was really well organised with the right amount of structure and times to chat informally. I have found my social worker very helpful and supportive, easy to talk to and someone who has listened, non-judgemental, flexible with times/days for home study, meeting with referees. It’s been really good to keep the same social worker all the way through from info morning as you build a relationship with that person over the process.

Cathy and Lisa - Same sex adopters

When we adopted our daughter through you, the service we received was second to none. We have already had a Torbay child placed and adopted with us successfully. Finally and most importantly, Torbay knows our daughters history and everything they need to know about her, how our successful adoption of her went and us as a family. All of this together with being in a good position we feel the time is right to start the process again … so we can start this incredible journey again.

Mike and Jenny - Heterosexual couple adopting

We have found the communication from Torbay Adoption Team very good. If there has been something we have been unsure of they have been very good at explaining and giving examples to help us to understand.

The Adoption Team were very approachable and gave us lots of very useful information and listen to us about what we had to offer when we attended their open day. There has been lots of information given to us through the preparation group along with it all on paper for us to refer back to, which we felt was very useful. We have found the training very useful in preparing us for the long journey ahead and have found our Adoption Social Worker very helpful making sure we have everything required to make a successful match.

We have attended some training on sexualised behaviour and again found the Adoption Team very good at giving us all the information and tools available to help us should we be matched with a child with these kinds of issues.

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